Recipe Roundups

Paleo Menu: Halloween Candy

Paleo Dessert

    I don’t even want to think about what my blood sugar levels where when I was kid on Halloween day.  My parents weren’t the kind that allocated candy.  I got to eat as much as  I wanted when I wanted.   I had a system.  First, I ate the chocolate bars. Next anything…

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20 Paleo Halloween Candy Recipes

paleo halloween candy

I’m sorry, it’s just not Halloween unless I have candy.  All those years of being part of the ritual of dressing up and knocking on strangers doors for sweet sugar made a lasting impression.  Now, I worry about how to continue some part of this tradition with my son.    One thing that I plan…

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How to Roast a Pumpkin

how to roast a pie pumpkin

Picture this: Your family is seated around the dinner table for Thanksgiving and there is no sound, except for ones of enjoyment when eating the pumpkin pie you made for dessert.   Compliments are coming at you left and right and then you drop the bomb that you roasted your own pumpkin.  I’m pretty sure…

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Kombucha Tea Health Benefits

Kombucha health benefits

I’ve had an on and off love affair with the potent vinegary brew for years.   Right now, it’s a Kombucha love fest and I’ve been drinking a glass every day. I had no idea that in addition to it tasting amazing, that there were many Kombucha tea health benefits I had been reaping also….

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