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Recipe Roundups

Paleo Menu: Christmas Cocktails


F R E E Kindle Books Here. I am a lightweight.  I get tipsy after one glass of wine and a bottle often lasts two weeks in my house.   However, it’s hard to not appreciate a fun Christmas cocktail during the holidays. While I plan to be sipping on a glass of Sangiovese during most…

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20 Paleo Ground Beef Recipes

paleo ground beef recipes

If you’re looking to save money, then ground beef is your friend. My husband refuses to eat less meat so this means I have to use the most cost-effective options out there: eggs and ground beef. Here are 20 paleo ground beef recipes to help you get more creative in the kitchen – I mean…

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How to Roast a Pumpkin

how to roast a pie pumpkin

Picture this: Your family is seated around the dinner table for Thanksgiving and there is no sound, except for ones of enjoyment when eating the pumpkin pie you made for dessert.   Compliments are coming at you left and right and then you drop the bomb that you roasted your own pumpkin.  I’m pretty sure…

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