Recipe Roundups

20 Paleo Junk Food Recipes

Paleo Junk Food

F R E E Kindle Books Here. Most of us didn’t grow up following the Paleo Diet.  When I was growing up junk food was a food group, heck, I remember making Kool-Aid everyday and adding a strong cup of sugar.   When I think of junk food, I don’t think of chips, well, maybe…

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40 Paleo Christmas Recipes

Paleo Christmas Recipes

  Right now I’m reminiscing about Christmas.  Growing up my parents would listen to Stevie Wonder’s Christmas album and my siblings and I would spend the entire month searching for where my parents had stashed our gifts.  I remember clearly the year I got a Big Wheel.  I was riding that baby like a bat…

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Guide to Paleo Flours

guide to paleo flours

While the Paleo diet advocates eating primarily grass-fed meats, vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, nuts and seeds, you can still enjoy baked treats like cookies, cakes and pies from time to time.  When you’re switching over from wheat based flours to flours that fit Paleo diet there can be a learning  curve.  With patience and practice…

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What Are the Best Type of Eggs to Get?

What are the best eggs to buy

  Eggs are one of the healthiest foods in the world, and at their very best if you eat them raw. But the quality of your eggs is also important, so what are the best type of eggs to get? The REAL Definition of Free-Range Eggs As this article clearly states, the nutritional difference between true…

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