Listen Up Paleo Podcast: Episode 1

Listen Up paleo Podcast

Listen Up paleo Podcast


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I am super excited to share that my good friend Liz, from Paleo on a Budget,  and I have started a paleo podcast called  Listen Up Paleo.  It’s an idea that we’ve kicked around for the last year and we knew it was time to finally time to stop talking and starting doing.

We both have felt that people need to know that you can be paleo and not perfect and NOT Judged.   We offer up advice,  tips and general shenanigans.

We’d love to answer your questions so don’t hesitate to reach out to us and/or leave a comment below.


show notes:
{0} – Intro
{0:55}  Our Secret! We were both Vegetarians!
{ 5:00} Kelly Paleo Story
{ 9:10} Liz Paleo Story
{11:45 } Real Life Paleo, reasons people go paleo, and a few off topic rambles
{17:00} Liz’s Random allergies, and cookies and the curse of a food blogger
{ 20:22} New to paleo? Need some rules and guidance? We totally get it!
{ 24:00} Perfect Paleo? And the steps we took to be Paleo, 80/20 Paleo
{ 28:20} Thanksgiving!!!!!!
{ 34:20} Closing


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Mark’s Daily Apple

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