Tips for the new Mom: Drink heavily and hire a nanny

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Ok, I’m not recommending you gals break out your keg stands or 72 oz shot glasses.
I’m simply saying to drink more water.  Get yourself a big old jug like this 

and finish that baby everyday.

By the way, I am not against a glass of wine or two but not a full bottle, at least not by yourself.  I’m ashamed to say it but the first time I had a glass of wine and breastfed my little guy I was hoping it would ease him into sleeping through the night for the first time in his young life.  He woke up even more so that was a bust.

Anyhow, as a new mom your little bundle of joy will at some point try to crack your brain, in the usual manner or newborn/toddler, by crying, screaming, fussing, obsessively not letting you out of sight even to use the bathroom, etc.  You will at some point start considering the idea that selling your child on Craigslist for $500 is not such a bad idea and then you will feel like the WORST Mom in the world and the hate yourself for the next 18 years.

First, you are sleep deprived.  Last week I got the best sleep of my life and it wasn’t until then that I realized how much my brain was suffering.   I was almost joking about the nanny but if you have it in the budget to hire an overnight doula or have a kind family member who will let you get a good nights sleep – Do it!

Second, is your partner helping you?  I am the primary care taker of our Little – hey I’m a stay at home mom  – and my husband is more hands off.  The major reason for this is the Little is very attached to me like much like every other newborn.  However, when Mr. Bejelly get’s home he grabs our child and I get a break from the little ankle biter and get to brush my teeth and EAT with both hands.  I’ve gotten comments in the past from Mr. Bejelly about how he doesn’t want to spend his whole night watching the Little and seriously that I didn’t resort to violence is miracle.  We’re still working on this.  It sucks when your partner “can’t” help you as much as you would like.  I don’t have any easy solutions for this one.  You might have to turn to another family member/friend/daycare to help you out during the day so you can get more time for you.

Third, get OUT of the house!  I mean it. Go to the mall.  Find some mamas on meetup and go to play groups.  Talk to adults about non-baby things.    Your brain will thank you.

Fourth, get a checkup from your doctor if you’re still not feeling right.  You know what I mean.  It’s been 7 months and I still feel a little off (might be hormones, might be because it winter and I haven’t seen the sun in 4 weeks).   I found that my thyroid had gone a little wonky with the stress of pregnancy and breastfeeding.  I’m on a supplement to help support it but I know until I wean my kiddo I won’t fully recover.   I finally found the right mix of supplements to help me feel like my old self.

If I missed anything, please share some new mom tips below.

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  1. says

    lol the title got me! I need to drink more. A lot more. I honestly hate water. So I’ve started getting sugar free drink mixes and using that to ‘inspire’ me to drink more water. I can already see a difference in even the hydration of my skin!

  2. says

    Very good tips. I was and still am horrible about the water but I definitely agree with it. And getting out and having you time is for sure important

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