Paleo Menu: Appetizers

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My father was huge football fan so my memories of fall are filled with exuberant bellows, foot stomping and appetizers.  Guess which part was my favorite?  Hint it wasn’t the foot stomping.  Now Mr.Bejelly is also a huge football fan and this gives me the excuse to make a mess of finger foods.   Here are a few fingers foods and appetizers to help jazz up any game or party.


Paleo Appetizers

Monday – Buffalo Wings

Tuesday – Loaded “Faux-tato” Skins
Wednesday -Breadcrumb-Free Stuffed Mushrooms
Thursday – Bacon Wrapped Chorizo Lime Jalapeno Poppers
Friday -Sweet Potato Nachos
Saturday -Fried Cheese Sticks
Sunday – Death by Spinach Dip

Grab these delicious, free Paleo recipes!


  1. Laura says

    These recipes look good, but Paleo recipes do not have cheese in them. Dairy and legumes are off limits for paleo followers.

    • Kelly Bejelly says

      You’re right Laura -dairy is not recommended on the Paleo diet and I follow more of a primal diet hence some of the appetizers have dairy in them. None of the appetizers have legumes in them though and I don’t ever recommend recipes that have them.

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