Paleo Menu: Cookies

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The holidays  are coming and I just want to revel in warm tasty dishes and paleo desserts.   Pies, cakes, puddings and cookies sound amazing right now so here are Seven tasty cookies to fill up on.

Also, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I’m going to be sharing a week full of Paleo Thanksgiving recipes from November 5th  – 9th so be sure to come back and check them out.


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Paleo Cookies

Monday – Spice Cookies
Tuesday – Chocolate chip cookies
Wednesday -Honey Graham Dippers
Thursday – Grain Free ‘Oatmeal’ Creme Pie Cookies W/Marshmallow Fluff
Friday - Grain Free Lemon Poppy Seed No Bake Cookies
Saturday -Chocolate Hazelnut Thumbprint Cookies
Sunday – pumpkin spice cookies with vanilla cinnamon icing



Grab these delicious, free Paleo recipes!


  1. Jennie Gillihan says

    Oh Kelly…you had me at Grain Free Lemon Poppy Seed No Bake Cookies…but when I clicked the link, I was taken to with a list of about 5 recipes, none of which were the longed for Grain Free Lemon Poppy Seed No Bake Cookies. Help!!

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