Paleo Cookbooks that Rock

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Paleo Cookbooks that Rock

1. Everyday Paleo 2. Eat Like a Dinosaur 3.  Paleo Indulgences 4. Well Fed

You’ve decided the Paleo diet is for you and want to go old school and buy a couple of Paleo cookbooks.  You can not go wrong with the four listed above.  I break them our pretty regularly to help beat diet boredom and I have yet to find a bad recipe in these books.


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    Thanks for the suggestions! We just got an allergy test for my daughter and, while she showed no sensitivity to milk, she MAY be allergic to wheat, soy, sesame, and corn – all toughies to avoid. I might need these recipes sooner rather than later!

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    These look like awesome books. I’m seriously considering trying Paleo out, but I’m worried about all the meat (there is a lot of meat eating involved right?) I’m not a HUGE fan of meat.

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      You don’t have to eat a lot of meat on the diet. There are Paleo vegetarians if you can believe that. The author of the book Primal Body Primal Mind only recommends 4 oz of protein a day.

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