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Kelly Bejelly A Girl Worth SavingHi there! I’m Kelly.  Thanks so much for visiting my site, A Girl Worth Saving.

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • “What the heck can I eat on the Paleo diet?”
  • “Will I ever have desserts or bread again?”
  • “How can I cut down time in the kitchen?”

Then you are in the right place!

My site focuses on grain-free recipes and I  share two new recipes a week on Monday and Friday.  I also share How To tutorials and Paleo recipe round-ups highlighting the best of what’s out there in the grain-free community.

Most of my readers also have allergies to eggs and nuts so I try to create recipes that are both Paleo and Vegan.  I have a weakness for butter and raw milk so some of my recipes are primal.

I also  recreate the recipes that we miss on this diet:  CerealPop Tarts, and Cinnamon Rolls are just an example.  A grain-free lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up those treats you loved growing up.

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paleo before after

In 2009, I realized that I was pre-diabetic and the thought of having to take insulin daily pushed me to find a way to heal myself.  I had also been a vegetarian for 9 years and dealt with some unhealthy side effects which I did not realize was due to my diet. I started following a grain-free, primal diet  after discovering Mark’s Daily Apple and my heath improved dramatically.  I lost 65 lbs effortlessly and  healed the depression and anxiety I had been dealing with for several years.  Also, Mr. Bejelly, who had been battling painful bouts of heartburn and indigestion daily, finally can go a day without pain.  For the more in-depth story you can read more hereBejelly A Girl Worth SavingIn 2011, I became a stay-at-home mom to my son “The Little.”   It’s been a blessing to be able to share my continuing health journey and the fun recipes I create in my kitchen.

I hope that you’ll follow along on my journey.