Top 5 baby gear items for the new mom

Top 5 Baby Gear Items for the new mom

You’re expecting! Congratulations mama you’ve got a journey ahead you. You’ve got 9 months (or less) to create your nursery, buy baby clothes and figure out the ins and outs of baby gear. What do you really need? Your friends and family all have ideas of what is necessary and it’s a long list of wipe warmers, baby shoes and other items you didn’t know existed until you got that positive on the pregnancy test.  Here’s a list of must have baby gear items.

I LOVE my Ergo! Would I marry it? YES!   There are days I wouldn’t get a thing done if I couldn’t strap my son on my back.  I pinky swear you will have a happy, calm baby when worn in this amazing carrier.  I purchased the [amazon_link id=”B000X4WORU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Moby [/amazon_link]also and I didn’t love it.  After wearing my son for 10 minutes in it, I would always have back pain.  When I bought the [amazon_link id=”B002NGMXTU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]infant insert[/amazon_link] and started using it with my Ergo, it was heaven.  I was finally able to walk around and not have pain.

Happier babies are swaddled babies. When we brought the Little home he was calm and would sleep easily without being swaddled and I was starting to wonder why I had bought these things.  I started using them as a sun cover or light blanket as it was the middle of summer and we live in a house with no air conditioning.  Then he hit 4 weeks and I thanked the every loving lord we had these.

If you’re going to breastfeed and go back to work, you need a breast pump.  It’s also helpful to bring in your milk supply if at first you are having supply issues

Show me a baby that will not sleep in a swing!

Your little one will outgrow the bassinet quickly so a Pack N play is a great option as you get a play yard.


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As I expected, the Little guy made out like a bandit during Christmas.  As we piled the loot in our minivan, I could easily see how people out grow their homes when they have children from the immense load of  baby products. Anyhow, three weeks  later I’m trying to organize his stash when my eye […]