Festival of Frugality at Money for the Rest of Us

Money for the Rest of Us is hosting the newest issue of the Festival of Frugality.  My post of my recent shopping binge at Grocery Outlet has been included (oh, did I mention that I went back the following weekend and bought 20 more bars of soap! 20 bars at 99 cents versus 4 @ 5.99 – Got to love those savings!) Some posts that I enjoyed are:

The Free Geek’s post “22 Things that you didn’t know you could get for free” . I’ve done several of these free things including tip #7. I found my cat Fatty on craigslist for free.

Wealth Building World’s post “Millionaire Mind – Think Like a Millionaire” . Money is good!

Edith Yeung’s post “53 ways to make money on the internet”. Great Tips to help make some moola online.


Well, I was lucky enough to get my post, Thrifty 101: Tightfisted Money Tips I learned in college in the Festival of Frugality hosted by The Simple Dollar. Here are some entries that I found interesting: Notes from 20/20′s Special “Flat Broke” by Frugal Law Student – This post mentions cyberbegging and how there is […]