Festival of Frugality at Money for the Rest of Us

Money for the Rest of Us is hosting the newest issue of the Festival of Frugality. ┬áMy post of my recent shopping binge at Grocery Outlet has been included (oh, did I mention that I went back the following weekend and bought 20 more bars of soap! 20 bars at 99 cents versus 4 @ 5.99 – Got to love those savings!) Some posts that I enjoyed are:

The Free Geek’s post “22 Things that you didn’t know you could get for free” . I’ve done several of these free things including tip #7. I found my cat Fatty on craigslist for free.

Wealth Building World’s post “Millionaire Mind – Think Like a Millionaire” . Money is good!

Edith Yeung’s post “53 ways to make money on the internet”. Great Tips to help make some moola online.


Well, I was lucky enough to get my post, Thrifty 101: Tightfisted Money Tips I learned in college in the Festival of Frugality hosted by The Simple Dollar. Here are some entries that I found interesting: Notes from 20/20’s Special “Flat Broke” by Frugal Law Student – This post mentions cyberbegging and how there is […]