Meal Plan Week 26: Cheap Paleo Dinner Recipes


Following a Paleo diet can get expensive.  If you’re eating Grass-fed meats, organic produce, nuts/seeds, coconut oil and heaven’s I haven’t even taken into account the supplements, you can break the bank.

Most people are going to point you in the direction of eating more eggs as protein because eggs are nutrient dense and cheap. We go through 3 dozen eggs a week so I’m not trying to eat more eggs for dinner.

Living on one income, I have turned to my garden, farmers market and started to add veggies and fruit that fall into the clean 15 group into our diet to save money.   I’ve found some great deals on meat from a local butcher shop and  you can buy in smaller quantities if you need to.  Here are 7 cheap paleo dinner recipes to get you though the week.





Chunky Chicken Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries


Meal Plan: Paleo Dinner for Tuesday




Crunchy Bell Pepper Tacos

Menu Plan: Paleo Dinner for Wednesday




Thai Primal Pork Patties  with zucchini

Meal Plan: Paleo Dinner Recipe for Thursday




Paleo Portobello Pizzas  – yes, this one has a variety of meat toppings which can bust your budget and kick it out of the cheap dinner category so pick your favorite and only use one.


Meal Plan: Paleo Dinner Recipe for Friday




Salisbury Steak with mashed sweet potatoes

Meal Plan: Paleo Dinner Recipe for Satuday




Avocado and Lime Tuna Salad

Meal Plan: Paleo Dinner Recipe for Sunday




Classic Chicken Salad


I hope that found a cheap dinner recipe that you love.  If you want  more tips to help trim your food costs check out my post “How I save Money on Real Food”.  

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Meal Plan Week 25: Quick and Easy Paleo Dinners

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