Baby Sleep? A Myth?

The Baby who never sleeps



Like every sleep deprived new mom, I fantasize about the days I used to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.  Last night, the Little (and I) slept 4 hours straight and I seriously woke up with more vim than I’ve felt in the last 2 months since teething hell began. I’m seriously being to wonder if a baby sleeping through the night is a myth.

It seems like every  sleep guru is going to give you the advice that setting a schedule is the way to get your babe to sleep but then they throw in the cravat that you need to stay flexible.   This, of course, doesn’t help your sleep deprived self and you start thinking that a shot of whiskey on the gums doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

So far I’ve read the “No Cry Sleep Solution” and I’m not loving it.  It’s very baby lead, which is fine, but I’m looking for something with a little more structure but not the cry it out method.

The Little’s doctor recommended two books:  “Good Night, Sleep Tight” and “The Sleep Easy Solution“.    I’ll be honest and tell you that I have not picked them up.  I need to do it.  Sleep training is not for wussies.  It requires a lot of extra energy and effort that will require more caffeine which I’m sure as a breastfeeding mom, he’s ingesting, and is probably not helping my problem any.

I have however started putting him down for naps in his crib and for the first leg of sleep during the night. One unexpected issue I ran into was when I got into bed without him,  it takes me a good 2 hours to stop fretting and finally go to sleep.  He usually will only sleep for 2 hours at a stretch so I fall asleep just as he wakes up (FUN).  It’s just not easy any way I go about it.  I do want to share some helpful links on baby sleep training:

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What worked for you? I’d love to hear of a site or book or great mama advice on this.