Losing Weight on the Paleo Diet #13: Chubby and Paleo?

Weight Loss Girl #13: Chubby and Paleo?



If these faces aren’t familiar let me introduce you to the two guys I consider the Paleo/Primal guru’s Robb Wolf and Mark Sisson.  Don’t they look like they wake up every morning and shred coconut on their rock hard abs for their daily smoothie?  Robb looks so toned and fit that you almost don’t notice he’s standing in front of a bathroom. While I have been losing weight on the Paleo diet, I have yet to get as great results as these guys.

So what do you do when you follow the Paleo diet but still are chubby?  Does it mean that it doesn’t work for you.  It seems implied that the goal of the Paleo/Primal diet is ripped abs and a low body fat.    I’m not disagreeing with a lower body fat  but I don’t see myself reaching for a washboard stomach.  I am not built for a size 3 and will be happy when I hit my goal of a size 12.

First, I admit that I am not strict on my diet.  I know that if I put down the corn chips and french fries and worked out consistently I’d be further along in my journey. Also, I’m still breastfeeding Little so I can’t start intermittent fasting until he’s weaned.  I saw such huge gains by fasting once a week that I know I have to get back to it to reach my goal.

I recently read a post by Cheeselave about going back on grains and her thyroid condition improving.  My thyroid went to hell after pregnancy and although I am much better, I wonder if the cheats on my diet have helped.

Right now I’m more lumpy than lean.  I just weighed myself and I’m 198 and my body fat is 43.8% which is obese.  My goal is to get it under 31%.  I carry a large amount of my weight in my stomach which is another reason I need to get  stricter on my diet.  I have worked out but DAMN you deli poppers you are my weakness right now!  I’m going to have to start making them at home so at least I can control what’s in them and what they’re fried in.

My goal in all of this is to be healthier, have more balance moods and leaner –  yes I want to get ride of the muffin top.  So, is it possible to be a success story for the Paleo/Primal with the goal of only being a size 12, which is still chubby? What are your thoughts?

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