Paleo Chex

paleo chex

I have been on a quest to make a Paleo Captain Crunch for a year and well, I’m coming up empty ya’ll.  The dang recipe is alluding me so I’m taking a break from it and going to work on croissants. Anyhow, I have managed to make a few spin off recipes and this Paleo […]

Paleo Rustic Apple Tartlets + Zenbelly

paleo apple tarts

I have a confession to make.  I am a recipe dumper.  If you don’t know what a recipe dumper is, it’s  a person who assembles the ingredients, takes  brief  look at the instructions and dumps it all together in a bowl and mixes.  I did that in addition to making this a single tartlet and, wow, […]

Banana Cream Popsicles + Peel the Love with Dole

paleo banana cream popsicles

Disclosure: This is a partnered post. All opinions are my own.     We are banana junkies in our house.  I’m pretty sure that before my son turned one he had eaten through a ton of this well-loved fruit.   When I heard that Dole is making it’s way across the country in their  DOLE Bananas […]

Keto Mint Chip Pudding + Keto Clarity

keto mint pudding

Last week  I went to Berkeley for the Ancestral Health Symposium and I quickly realized that the Keto diet was well loved among those present.  I also had the chance to meet Jimmy Moore, who was such a nice man. Jimmy just released his newest book Keto Clarity, which is the definitive guide to the […]

Pomegranate ice cubes


I am sucker for a good deal and I often find myself in the clearance section of the grocery store stocking up on staples when I can find them.  First, we pretty much only drink water, raw milk/coconut milk, and tea/coffee in our house.  If I’m feeling like branching out I will have kombucha but […]

Sneak Peak from Paleo Eats: Paleo Southern Fried Chicken + Giveaway

paleo eats southern fried chicken giveaway

  I’m not joking when I tell you that I grew up eating southern fried chicken once a week. My mother is a magician when it comes to the kitchen and I was her willing apprentice.  With time, I soon learned the charms of taking plain boring chicken and transforming it into a dish that […]

Paleo Macadamia Roca

paleo macademia roca

  I remember the first time I ate Almond Roca.  I was a freshman in college and my roommate, Liz had bought a big can during one of our daily walks to Walmart. Anyhow, sugar junkie that I am, I soon discovered the nut covered chocolate gems had a hint of caramel that was irresistible.  It […]

Dairy-free Cherry Popsicles

dairy free cherry popsicles

Every now and then I like to shake things up in the Bejelly household and try out new beverages. I pretty much focus on healthier drinks like Kombucha, herbal teas and various nut milks, well, every now and then I’ll get Mr. Bejelly some cold brew coffee, but that’s for another post. I was invited […]