Paleo Chicken Fajitas Burgers

paleo chicken fajita burgers

There is just something about the ceremony of getting Chicken Fajitas at a Mexican restaurant.  The loud sizzling hot pan and the cloud of smoke just make what really is  a simple meal of spiced chicken, onions and bell pepper,  into an event.   I won’t even wax poetic about not having to cook or […]

Easy Chicken Liver Pate

chicken liver pate - nutrient dense food

Lately, I’ve been realizing more and more that I need to focus on eating more nutrient dense food.  That term gets thrown around a lot in the Paleo/Real Food Community for a reason; nutrient dense foods are amazingly good for you.   I started making broth again, making sure I was getting in my cod […]

Chicken and Dumplings

paleo chicken and dumplings

My Grandmother made chicken and dumplings for me during one her infrequent visits to Arizona.  If there is one down side to growing up in the military, it’s the lack of connection that I feel with my extended family because I didn’t grow up around them.  Anyhow, back to me watching Grandma mixing up flour […]

Gluten-free Oven Baked Crispy Chicken

nature raised oven baked chicken-2

Four years ago when I went Paleo, I shed some big unhappy tears when I waved goodbye to crispy chicken. You know what I’m talking about, chicken that has that satisfying crunch sound after you take your first bite.  I threw myself head first into making roasted chicken, grilled chicken, boiled chicken and the like. […]

Grain-free Enchiladas

Easy Chicken Enchiladas | Paleo, Gluten-free

After I created my grain-free wrap recipe, all I could think about was making enchiladas. I spent a large portion of my years in Tucson and when my sisters and I went out to eat, I would always get enchiladas. First, this is a simple recipe and I highly recommend using left-over chicken or beef. […]

Paleo Sweet and Sour Chicken

Paleo Sweet and Sour Chicken

This is my mother’s recipe made Paleo and well, it’s pretty dang yummy if I have to admit it.  The first time I had this was at my  wedding.  Mr. Bejelly and I had a small backyard wedding and my mother catered it as our wedding  gift.   Most of the dishes that she made were […]

Paleo Oven Baked Chicken Nuggets

paleo chicken nuggets

  I am so done with sugar.  Seriously, I can’t even think about eating anything sweeter than a lemon at this point.  Good thing I’ve wrapped up the recipes for my dessert e-book and can concentrate on finally whittling these last pounds off and getting healthier.   So in that vein, here is a super simple paleo chicken […]

Paleo Chicken Pot Pie

homemade chicken pot pie

  So, I’ve been experimenting with soaking nuts for 12 hours to see if it will help with my allergy and so far the results are positive.  One of my absolute favorite nuts to cook with are almonds.   I’ve have a truck load of almond based crust, cookies and bread recipes that I’m going to […]