Drink Recipes

If you think a Paleo diet means that water is the only beverage of choice, think again.  I have several recipes that haven’t made it to this page yet that will satisfy any hot drink or cold drink craving.    Check back in and I hope that you discover a favorite drink on my site.

Pomegranate ice cubes


I am sucker for a good deal and I often find myself in the clearance section of the grocery store stocking up on staples when I can find them.  First, we pretty much only drink water, raw milk/coconut milk, and tea/coffee in our house.  If I’m feeling like branching out I will have kombucha but […]

Natural Sleep Drink + How to Quit PMS

natural sleep drink

It’s pitch black and you’ve just woken up with your heart pounding and without looking at the clock, you know it’s 3 a.m. You can’t remember the last time you slept through  the night and as you lay there, you wonder when you will be able to fall back asleep . . . If this […]

Strawberry Spritzer

strawberry Spritzer

  The Hood strawberries are in season and The Little has been plowing through them like a steam roller over hot asphalt.   My husband seriously berated the heck out of me for buying, dare I say it, California strawberries, but hello, they were on sale.    They were rather sad looking things and I only […]

Cacao Coffee Recipe

cocoa coffee

  It’s been a good two months since I gave up coffee.  Surprisingly it was easier than I thought it would be, mind you,  I did switch to decaf a couple of months before I gave up the bitter brew.    The only thing I miss about my morning cup of Joe is that dark […]

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate from “Delicious Obsessions”

paleo peppermint white hot chocolate

  This week is going to be a touch different, my lovelies.  I’ve been so busy with the book that I haven’t had time to share an amazing lot of Paleo cookbooks that just came on the market.  Each day this week you’ll get a sample recipe from the book as well as a chance […]

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

chocolate cherry smoothie

Last week seemed to fly by.  My manuscript for the book is due next month and I’m hunkering down to finish it.   I’m knee-deep in desserts ( you know I’m making some killer desserts for you)  and I definitely am going to go on a sugar fast when this is over.   On Sunday […]

Paleo Margarita

paleo margarita

  I am a teetotaler.  I have a glass of Sangiovese every blue moon and reminisce about my younger years when I pickled my liver bar hopping.   Yes, like most of you, I have a past littered with beer bottles and girly drinks.   I’m amazed at the amount of alcohol my 24-year-old self managed to imbibe […]

Paleo Blueberry Kale Smoothie


I don’t like to eat vegetables.  My husband is usually kind enough to remind me to eat them a couple times a week because if he doesn’t,  I will mind the month away without eating a single green.  It’s pretty sad.  However, I’m adult, or at least I’m supposed to act like one since I’m […]