Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is often coined the most important meal of the day.  My first fear when I changed my diet was that I would not be able to find Paleo Breakfast recipes that I loved like waffles, pancakes,  and oatmeal.  I got to work in the kitchen and created delicious gluten-free recipes that are simple, delicious and kid-friendly to boot.

Can’t eat eggs? Both of my paleo oatmeal recipes are egg-free!

Plantain and apple fritters + The Paleo Approach Cookbook

plantain apple fritters

This is probably one of the few recipes that I have ever let my guys start eating before I took the photos.  That was mistake as I had to go back to the store to buy all the ingredients so I could make them because they seriously ATE THEM ALL. Yes, I had to giggle […]

Paleo Chex

paleo chex

I have been on a quest to make a Paleo Captain Crunch for a year and well, I’m coming up empty ya’ll.  The dang recipe is alluding me so I’m taking a break from it and going to work on croissants. Anyhow, I have managed to make a few spin off recipes and this Paleo […]

Paleo Chocolate Waffles

Paleo chocolate Waffles

If you just said “No, she did not just put chocolate sauce all over those Paleo chocolate waffles.” Yes. Yes, I did. Even though these are waffles, this is a dessert ya’ll.  They’re perfect for something a little bit different for Valentines Day when the standard chocolate covered strawberries sound boring or you just need to […]

Pumpkin Granola

paleo pumpkin granola

Ok, I’m going to be honest.  When I started to create this recipe following the principles of the 21 Day Sugar Detox, I thought it was going to suck.  I know.  Also, I’m not huge into pumpkin.  However, I realize now that I love pumpkin when it’s fresh roasted.  Lord, what a difference in flavor. […]

Paleo Breakfast Biscuit Cups

Paleo Breakfast Biscuit Cup

Mr. Bejelly wakes up at 5:30 a.m. during the weekdays so he can get to work at 7:00 a.m.   For the past, hmmm. .. 3 years, I would say that his weekday breakfast has consisted only of a large glass of raw milk.  Times are a changing and now he wants a quick breakfast […]

Paleo Oatmeal

Early last week, I walked outside and I got that tingle that fall is just moments away. I AM NOT READY. I still want to bask in the sunshine and pretend that I don’t live in a city where it rains 8 months out of the year. My only consolation is that with the cold, […]

Paleo Banana Chocolate Pancakes

Paleo Chocolate Banana Pancakes

Last week, I seriously felt like I was a cursed cook.  Everything I made came out burned, off and tasting too strong of spices.   We ate out a lot and my recipe prep for the week was just as hazardous.  I was thinking this was a sign from the Universe to simply throw in […]

Paleo Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

paleo cinnamon cereal

Oh mama this is good. It’s light and has an incredible sweet crisp finish that reminds me of exactly of paleo Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It also makes the perfect sweet crackers for snacking – hence why we ate the entire batch in the first day. I knew that I had hit my goal when Mr. […]