Baconnaise + Paleo By Season


Mayo + Bacon fat = Baconaisse aka the most flavorful mayo on earth. This was a first for me and again, I had to ask myself why on earth I had not made this yet. This recipe is one of the gems that you will find in the book Paleo By Season by Peter Servold. […]

Heart Attack on a Plate Alfredo + Eat The Yolks

heart attack on a plate alfredo

In my dreams, I eat Heart Attack on a Plate Alfredo every day.  The only reason I don’t do it is because it’s full of  saturated fat and would raise my cholesterol levels causing my arteries to clog and result in a heart attack.  Oh wait, did I just fill your head full of the […]

Garlic “Mayo” from The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

vegan garlic mayo

As my work on creating the book slowly comes to a finish, I am considering tackling the Autoimmune Protocol.  I still have a host of small annoyances  that I know have to do with my diet and, I’m just getting tired of dealing with them.   When making drastic changes in my diet I tend to feel, […]

Vegan Butter

vegan butter recipe

I had tea with Vyana from Wild Roots Bakery when she was in town and somehow we got onto the topic of butter.  I love butter with a passion so I’m not kidding when I say we go through 10 – 15 lbs of it a month.  She’s allergic to dairy and was sharing how […]

Peach BBQ Sauce Recipe

Peach BBQ Sauce

    I didn’t truly appreciate peaches until I moved to Portland.  Honestly, I think Kramer was on the right track ordering peaches every year from Oregon, although there is no such thing as a Mackinaw Peach.  I was bumping around my local market and got hit with the fragrant smell of ripe peaches and immediately thought of making […]